Texas A&M AgriLife Watch UR BAC

On Wednesday, October 7th, the Texas A&M AgriLife Extension Service delivered the program called “Watch UR BAC” aimed at helping kids to see how they are affected when under the influence of various drugs. Bobbi Brooks and Jeffrey Pearce lead the junior high and senior high students through a series of stations designed to allow students to experience just how different things look, feel and seem when a person is influenced by drugs.  Fatal Vision googles, virtual reality goggles and marijuana goggles were worn by the students while they tried to complete some everyday tasks like driving, determining colors on a traffic light, completing an obstacle course, throwing, and walking a straight line.   Students used the goggles to try to walk a straight line and to try to hold up one leg while balancing.  All the tasks were very easy without goggles and very difficult with them. Office Mark was in attendance as well to explain what a breathalyzer is and what it is used for. Students learned so much and were actively involved with their peers, with whom they will experience these negative outside influences.  Thank you goes out to Laura Kusak, the AgriLife staff and the staff who worked at the stations with the students. We hope to have AgriLife out again to work with our students!