ALICE is an acronym for Alert, Lockdown, Inform, Counter, Evacuate. This program is not designed to be sequential but rather to be utilized dynamically in each unique situation. The ALICE Training Institute provides comprehensive, hands-on practice on how to react to a threat on a school campus.

Last week, Moulton High School students participated in a training to prepare for an opportunity to practice techniques for increasing the probability of survival in the event of a potentially dangerous person on campus.  This week, students demonstrated how they would respond, individually, to three scenarios that came over the loud speaker.  The first scenario was that a person with a shotgun was headed to the Administration Office.  Students decided on an individual basis, whether to barricade, to flee, or to use countermeasures. The next scenarios were similar including various locations and weapons. Upon completion of each scenario, Mrs. Dornak, Mr. Ulcak, and Officer Mitchell Bennet moved from classroom to classroom discussing the decisions students had made and why, and if in hindsight, there was a safer choice than the one they made.  Students also practiced countermeasures by throwing paper balls to represent heavy objects designed to distract the attacker. Students performed well and engaged in an active question session following the drill.  Thanks goes to all involved in planning, in actively participating, and in observing the effectiveness of the drill.