Bulletin Board » Kindness Week: February 8-12, 2021

Kindness Week: February 8-12, 2021

This week we are celebrating Kindness Week at MHS! Kindness is important in all aspects of our lives as no one person is better than another. We are all equal in this life and deserve to be treated with respect and courtesy no matter what we wear or where we live or what kind of grades we make or what things we like to do. We are all kids, trying to figure out our way in this world like anyone else, so let's celebrate each other's sameness or uniqueness and just be nice!

Here are the days with their corresponding themes:

Monday: Air hug someone
Tuesday: Smile at someone
Wednesday: Fist bump someone
Thursday: Compliment someone
Friday: Commit an act of kindness

Also, in front of the office on the trophy case, you will see a blue poster labeled "Caught Being Kind." Throughout the week, if you see someone commit an act of kindness, write that person's name on a fish and tape it on the poster.

Words to remember: Be the weird kid. Be the normal kid. Be the funny kid, the quiet kid, the smart kid, the athletic kid, the theater kid, the numbers kid, the teacher's pet, the chatter box, the valedictorian, the middle of the pack, the "barely made it" kid. Just don't be the mean kid.

Look out for each other, build each other up, speak kindly to each other, and enjoy your week!
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